In a quest for excellence, our teams are attentive to each and every detail. Our designers grant utmost importance to the aesthetic quality of our products, especially when this contributes to technical performance.
This is the case of the curved top tank heading, TOPTEC, which provides an elegant closing mechanism, positioned on top of the staves. The increased thickness allows further control of thermal and gas exchanges.
The OVUM tank was also designed with this dual principle in mind. Greatly praised by the wine industry when it was launched in 2010, its harmonious proportions respect the golden ratio and its natural convection capacity is optimised by its ovoid shape.
The hoopless tightening system is also part of a process combining innovative design and technological progress. Favouring a durable external appearance, the absence of hoops enhances the elegance of the tanks, which become pure enough to fit perfectly in even the most demanding cellars. OVUM has been designed to celebrate the precision of aromas and enhance the aesthetics of wine. It boosts the creativity of architects on a quest for ever-more audacious sources of inspiration.

OVUM, Futurobois Innovation Award, 2010
Hoopless tightening system, Futurobois Innovation Award, 2015