To make barrels with exceptional properties, our staves undergo 24 to 60 months of seasoning in our yard. During the natural open-air seasoning process, the wood’s hard and bitter compounds are gradually eliminated through rainfall, preferred to artificial watering, while its aromas develop slowly.
As with vines, the early stage is vital. Just as young vines are sensitive to water shortages, young staves too can suffer alterations if they dry too quickly during the first months of storage.
Very early on, Taransaud began to consider the impact of climate on seasoning using a scientific approach.
Our R&D department’s studies and trials led to the development of a “nursery”. This special area of our seasoning yard is surrounded by a vegetal wind-break. The natural hedge limits the impact of warm, dry winds and creates a “cool” microenvironment, thanks to plant-induced humidity. Young staves are placed here for the first three months of seasoning in order to promote gradual water loss.
Later, at the end of the seasoning process, staves are stored in a stabilisation room for two weeks, with constant temperature and humidity control, in order to achieve ideal coopering conditions.