The Quality Control team rigorously monitors all the key stages of the production process, including toasting and leak checking (water tightness testing). The key phase is the final inspection. Each barrel is thoroughly inspected to ensure it complies with individual client requirements.

Our total quality commitments:

  • Selection of wood and grain by our in-house buyers
  • 100% French origin of our oak with PEFC certification (attested by Bureau Veritas)
  • Control of our supplies through the preparation of staves in our stave mills, stringent monitoring of stave suppliers
  • Exclusive open-air seasoning of wood for 24, 30 or 36 months depending on the thickness and grain
  • Control of heating and toasting by computer to ensure strict reproducibility and respect of aromatic profiles
  • Complete traceability from forest to finished product, meaning that each batch used in the assembly of a barrel or tank is analysed, approved and recorded
  • Compliance with the HACCP procedure (certified by Bureau Veritas).

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