For Taransaud, transmission is of vital importance, as reflected most clearly in its use of apprenticeship.

A master cooper boasting the Meilleur Ouvrier de France title is fully dedicated to the training of several apprentice coopers and passing on the ancestral, traditional art of precision craftsmanship, year after year.

Our wood buyers also guide one young apprentice through France’s oak forests in order to pass on the workings of this expert profession.

Thanks to our Meilleurs Ouvriers de France craftsmen and expert coopers, passing on a passion for what we do is ongoing and constant at Taransaud.

This approach has been embedded in family history ever since Jean Taransaud took the business over from his father Roger, founder of the cooperage. The family tradition continues today, with two of Henri de Pracomtal’s four sons also working for Taransaud and Chêne & Cie, Guillaume is Director for North America and Jacquelin heads the Cognac sector.