Our daily procedures are aimed at one objective: meeting the winemaker’s precise requirements and harmoniously achieving his/her oenological aims.

The careful sourcing of wood, respect for natural seasoning, and toasting techniques are key to this process.
At Taransaud, the traditional craft of toasting is guided by a true sense of respect for wines and spirits, the terroir, and grape varieties. We never over-toast. Our toasting experts are trained, highly skilled and experienced in the art of bringing out the exceptional flavours and aromas of oak. They strictly adhere to each toasting recipe to achieve the desired aromatic profile.

Constant attention is necessary to monitor the flame, fed with dry oak. An electronic assistance device provides real-time monitoring of parameters and recording to ensure reproducibility.
The close monitoring of every barrel is an integral part of our quality procedure, which includes a blister-free guarantee for all wine barrels.